A Hurricane is coming…

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A Hurricane is coming…

Updated 30th March, 2022 with Pentastar info.

After many (likely intentional) slips, Stellantis has formally acknowledged the GME T6 engine, the Hurricane.

As per previous rumours, and a throwback to the 60s Jeep straight-6 name, a Standard Output (SO) and High Output (HO) variant have been announced with PHEV variant expected for 2024 model year destined for D-segment vehicles (Jeep, Ram and Wagoneer).  

However unlike our previous thoughts on the specs, Stellantis have done one better with the expected power ranges of the SO and HO packages and a lot of that comes down to the technology they’ve borrowed from aerospace. Spray vapourised steel alloy maximises performance with minimal weight for piston liners with the fully alloy blocks. Final production specs will be revealed once they have been released in each model, but initial indicators are impressive, including dual cam with variable valve timing and direct injection.

The SO variant is built for economy with 22psi boost across twin turbos and single inlet water to air intercooler delivering over 295kW of power at up to 5800 RPM and 610Nm torque. This makes a perfect replacement for the 5.7 HEMI V8 found in Jeeps and 6.4 HEMI BGE V8 found in Wagoneer and Ram.

Meanwhile the HO variant is built for performance with 26psi boost across twin turbos and dual inlet water to air intercooler delivering over 370kW of power at up to 6100 RPM and 645Nm of torque. This is right in 6.4 SRT HEMI V8 territory with a wider power band.

While the world is moving to hybrid and EV, these motors will aid in the transition by increasing economy while delivering the power buyers expect. With their current EV rollout, the T6 is both lighter in weight and up to 15% emission and fuel consumption reduction to give Stellantis the stepping stone they need for their longer term emission goals while phasing out the relatively inefficient and ageing HEMI V8. 

So what’s next?

Applying the same PHEV system as the 4xe GME T4 setup on sale today in the US under Wrangler and coming soon to 5 seat Grand Cherokee, we should see GME T6 PHEV specs along the lines of 370kW combined power and 850Nm combined torque assuming the SO is the base. Sounds like the perfect tourer and tow rig if this is the spec that makes its way to the Grand Cherokee L 4xe - a true replacement for Ecodiesel in Australia, potentially besting Toyota LC300 in specs.

The GME T4 has also been around since 2016 and could probably do with a mid-cycle refresh. Applying the newest technology from the T6 could give the T4 the slight power bump needed to formally replace the Pentastar V6, widen the smaller D-segment 4xe reach and simplify the lineup as it’s electrified. 

Update: It appears the Wrangler is soon getting the GME T4 2.0L Turbo in Australia according to new homologation info, at 200kW. Whether this will replace the Pentastar V6 or be available as an option is yet to be seen.