HEMI and Pentastar Replacement GME T6 Engine Starts Production

HEMI and Pentastar Replacement GME T6 Engine Starts Production

As has been recently reported, Stellantis has let slip that the long rumoured Global Medium Engine Turbo 6 engine has commenced production at their Saltillo, Mexico plant alongside current HEMI engines. 

Sources say three variants have been rumoured to go into production, a Standard Output (SO), a High Output (HO) and PHEV with 3.0L capacity, twin turbochargers and power outputs between 270kW and 390kW.

With the HO model for the US-only Wagoneer reportedly first in production ahead of public release, to be followed shortly by PHEV for its 4xe variant we can speculate that the GME T6 will replace the ageing HEMI and Pentastar across the Jeep lineup. 

Based on these reported ranges, spec of transmission and other recently released competitors such as BMW, our speculation on approximate specs is as follows:


  • 360 HP / 270kW
  • 380 lb-ft / 515Nm
  • Future Pentastar replacement across Grand Cherokee/L, Wrangler, Gladiator plus US Wagoneer


  • 420 HP / 310kW
  • 450 lb-ft / 610Nm
  • 5.7L and 6.4L HEMI replacement at similar power and more torque with better economy, 2022 announcement for US Wagoneer + future US Grand Cherokee/L replacement. Possible addition to global Wrangler and Gladiator lineup as 3.0L EcoDiesel replacement. 


  • 525 HP / 390kW
  • 515 lb-ft / 700Nm
  • 6.4L SRT HEMI replacement at more power and total torque, plus better economy, emissions and bonus plug-in electric drive modes. 

Given these high expectations it may just explain why we are not to expect 5.7L HEMI option in the new WL Grand Cherokee L for Australian market when Jeep Australia would need to keep parts catalogue and inventory for relatively short production run for a period of many years. Figures like these would also line up with Jeep boss Meunier’s comments that Grand Cherokee will continue to be a “tow king” in our market, with numbers close to the new Land Cruiser 300 series and it’s continued 3500kg braked towing capacity while missing at Australian Grand Cherokee L launch.

Hopefully we won’t have to wait long to see formal announcements and final specs of this latest tech. 

Meanwhile Hellcat (and Demon) Supercharged 6.2L HEMI variants have been confirmed to be ceasing production in the near future, with full BEV to fill the performance void (similar to performance of the new Tesla Model S Plaid) with zero emissions. A 1000hp electric Grand Cherokee Trackhawk? Yes please!