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WK2 Rock Rails

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  • Chief Products WK2 Rock Rails deliver critical off-road protection for your WK2 with an integrated design that compliments your Jeep’s good looks. We utilise high-strength steel and increased body connections to deliver improved rigidity and better impact force distribution than any of our competitors. The smooth ‘boat bottom’ design protects the body seam underneath the vehicle while ensuring you can easily slide over off-road obstacles. The integrated design replaces the OEM plastic rocker panels to maintain off-road clearance, and the flush mounted bolts ensure everything looks great when you open the doors. The steps have been optimised to keep obstacles away from the sides of your WK2, while also providing easy entry (or convenient access to your roof rack). To ensure you’ve got the best looking WK2 on the trails, we provide (2) tread plate options that allow you to stylise your WK2 Rock Rails however you choose. Best of all, we spent (8) months performing rigorous real world testing to ensure these are the strongest and most reliable rock rails available for your WK2.

    Also available in the Bare Bones Edition which strips back features without sacrificing quality to deliver a no-nonsense version of our WK2 Rock Rails. They still provide industry leading off-road protection, easy installation and a top- notch integrated design, but at a significantly lower price point. They’re perfect for anyone looking for a purpose built protection option for their WK2.

    Fully Integrated Design
    Smooth 'Boat Bottom' Design
    (2) Tread Plate Options
    (2) Jack Points (Front & Rear underside of each rock rail)
    High-Strength Steel
    E-Coat (Industry Leading Corrosion Resistance)
    Easy Installation (Difficulty = 3/10)
    40.3kg [NO TREAD] (installed weight)
    43.9kg TREK ELEVEN (installed weight)
    43.8kg SAFARI THREE (installed weight)
    29.8kg BARE BONES EDITION (installed weight)
    2 Rock Rails (E-Coat + Textured Black Powder Coating)
    2 Clamping Rails (E-Coat)
    2 Clamping Plates (E-Coat)
    2 Tread Plate, Lower (6061 Aluminium + Silver Akzo Powder Coating)
    2 Tread Plate, Upper (E-Coat + Textured Black Powder Coating)
    4 Rear Mounting Plates (E-Coat)
    12 Chief Products Body Insert Nuts (E- Coat)
    22 M6 x 16mm (8.8) Counter Sunk Head Bolts (Zinc Plated)
    22 M6 x 10mm (8.8) Counter Sunk Head Bolts (Black Zinc Plated)
    8 M6 x 25mm (10.9) Bolts (Zinc Plated)
    12 M10 x 40mm (10.9) Bolts (Zinc Plated)
    12 M10 Wedge-Lock Extended Washers (Zinc Flake Coating)
    8 M6 Wedge-Lock Extended Washers (Zinc Flake Coating)
    8 M6 (CL8) Nuts (Zinc Plated)
    1 4g pouch Anti-Seize
    Installation Instructions
    WK2 Rock Rails with the Trek Eleven tread plates.
    WK2 Rock Rails with the Safari Three tread plates.
    WK2 Rock Rails with no tread plates.
    WK2 Rock Rails with no tread plates and no step.
    EASY TO UPGRADE - You can easily upgrade WK2 Rock Rails [NO TREAD] at any time by adding - WK2 Rock Rails (Tread KIT).