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WK2 Sump Protection Plate

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  • Chief Products WK2 Sump Protection Plate provides critical off-road protection for the underside of your engine. It's made from High-Strength Steel and features a rolled front lip design that is braced against the frame for maximum strength while still allowing easy removal/attachment of the lower front fascia.

    Our latest release delivers several industry-leading features. Recessed rear mounting bolts that are impossible to hit when driving off-road. Slotted Bolt Head Protectors that protect the front mounting bolts from off-road damage. A Heavy Duty version that is 270% stronger than Standard. An Access Panel version that provides easy servicing of 5.7L engines. A new Bare Bones Edition, that provides a great price while still delivering top-notch quality.

    Best of all, we deliver all of the finishing touches that matter. High tensile zinc plated bolts. Wedge-Lock washers for bolted joints that are extremely resistant to loosening. Anti-Seize for bolted joints that are resistant to seizing. A Chief Products Shop Rag for all the dirty jobs around the garage. Detailed install instructions. All packaged to arrive safely and looking great.

    High-Strength Steel
    Bolt Head Protectors (Protects Bolt Heads)
    Recessed Bolts (Smooth Undercarriage)
    E-Coat (Industry Leading Corrosion Resistance)
    Durable Powder Coat Finish (Textured Black)
    Drainage Slots
    Easy Installation (Difficulty = 2/10)
    10.9kg Standard (Including Mounting Hardware)
    12.2kg Access Panel (Including Mounting Hardware)
    17.9kg Heavy Duty (Including Mounting Hardware)
    10.8kg Bare Bones Edition (Including Mounting Hardware)
    1 Sump Protection Plate
    4 M6 Chief Products Bolt Head Protectors - Slotted (Aluminium 5083)
    4 M6 x 40mm High Tensile (10.9) Bolts (Zinc Plated)
    2 M8 x 50mm High Tensile (10.9) Bolts (Zinc Plated)
    2 M8 x 20mm (4.6) Bolts (Zinc Plated)
    4 M6 Wedge-Lock Extended Washers (Zinc Flake Coating)
    2 M8 Wedge-Lock Extended Washers (Zinc Flake Coating)
    4 M8 x 32mm Washers (Zinc Plated)
    2 M8 Nyloc Nuts (Zinc Plated)
    4 M8 x 3mm Bushings (Aluminium)
    4 M6 Nutserts (Stainless Steel)
    1 4g pouch Anti-Seize
    Installation Instructions
    A very strong option, perfect for normal off-road use.
    Our Standard version with an added access panel for performing oil changes on V8 model WK2s. Includes an additional (4) M6 Chief Products Bolt Head Protectors (Standard) and (4) Wedge-Lock Washers for the access panel.
    A heavy duty option for anyone wanting extra protection off-road. Made from 5mm high-strength steel it is 270% stronger than our Standard & Access Panel versions.
    A stripped back version with all the same top-notch quality. Doesn't include Bolt Head Protectors (Slotted). E-Coated in Satin Black, with no powder coat.